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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Turn Around in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker released 2011 jobs figures on Wednesday in an attempt to counter Democrat crying about Walker’s campaign against Union graft. Governor Walker is facing a re-call election on June 5th, mostly spurred on by public worker unions pissed off that Walker was successful in taking away collective bargaining rights last year.

They (the liberal deficit building unions) can certainly say that Walker took away collective bargaining rights, but now the facts are in and they cannot say Walker’s leadership is hurting the state economy. The Democrats led by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have claimed that Walker caused the state to lose almost 34,000 jobs but the new job figures reflect that 23,000 jobs were created, not lost. Not only that, but tax revenues are up,….schools are now operating in the black as opposed to the City of Milwaukee still in the red,…thanks Mayor Barrett. As Walker puts it: “Mayor Barrett, you said this election is about jobs; I couldn't agree more………… the facts are the facts and facts don't lie." Wisconsin, just like Ohio and Indiana, are well on the road to recovery, despite Obama Administration big government regulatory efforts against recovery. That’s because of conservative leadership.

Compare this to California,..losing jobs each and everyday and trying to raise taxes,...both sales taxes 3 or 4 cents per 100 dollars and property taxes to try and knock out their $16 Billion deficit. What California Governor Jerry Brown (a Democrat by the way) won't freely admit is that at least half of the deficit is for state retirement salaries,.....public unions don't you know!

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