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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who said the Tea Party is Dead?

Richard Mourdock, state treasurer R-IN, beat incumbent six term Senator Richard Lugar R-IN, 60% to 39% for the 2012 Republican candidate for Senate in Indiana. This was not just a win,....this was a butt whooping. Lugar is the same, less-than-conservative-big-government Senator who was re-elected to his sixth six-year term with over 87% of the vote. The Tea Party movement within the state of Indiana, as well as Nationally, made a tremendous statement with the nomination of Mourdock. This should answer the question, at least in Indiana, if the Tea Party is going to be the players they were in the historical 2010 election where there was a 60+ shift in seats from Democrats to Republicans in the house. Democrats are running so scared in Indiana that Harry Reid D-NV, Senate Speaker, has dropped money into the race on behalf of the Democratic candidate, whose names doesn't matter as their politics are all the same,...bad for this country. Watch the video below as Real News discussing the race and repercussions on the national scene.

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