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Monday, January 21, 2013

Colin Powell, A Disappointment

I am a Mychel Massie fan and wanted to share his recent post this about Colin Powell, who was once thought of as an American hero but now is sadly seeking attention and blatantly defending Obama's indefensible and reprehensible race baiting, class warfare and path to disaster for this country on all fronts,...economic, social and militarily.

Mychal Massie say's it best:

Colin Powell is beyond a disappointment to those who hailed him as a remarkable success story who exemplified not only the best of America, but who epitomized the standard of opportunity that existed for everyone in America. But today he comes across as a petulant race-monger who is eager to blame disapproval of Obama on racism and/or prejudice.

Appearing on "Meet the Press" January 13, Powell accused the Party that made him one of the most important and powerful men in the world of being racially intolerant. Which is just another way of calling the Republican Party racist.

Powell was feigning exception to what he viewed as racist code-speak about Obama. Accusations that Obama was "lazy" in preparing for the first presidential debate, to Powell was a synonym for "shiftless" which screamed racism. Powell strongly insinuated the Republican who called Obama "lazy" of lefthandedly calling Obama a "lazy N-word." He accused another Republican who referenced Obama as "shuckin' and jivin'," of being racist.

Let me note that Obama is lazy. And anyone watching his mac-daddy ghetto swagger and/or listening to his pernicious pontificating would be hard-pressed not to say he was a classic example of "shuckin' and jivin'."

Many will call Powell a shameful traitor to the party he had represented, but I think there is more at work with his statements.

I believe Powell is, in military terms, "softening the ground." He is laying the groundwork to further reduce any criticism of Obama policies to being racist. The media blather will be "even General Powell, the former Secretary of State, says," blah-blah-blah. You can bet on it. Of course it will be forgotten that liberals and blacks called Powell a token coon, sell-out, and Uncle Tom when he was in the Bush Administration.

Obama is up to something that is going to bring on much criticism, and Powell is out front softening the ground so as to disallow cogent objections.

I should also say that I find it interesting that Powell had no problems with the Republican Party when he was flying around the world on Air Force One, and/or when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or when he was being asked to bear the Republican standard by becoming the Party's candidate for President. Powell's latent disingenuousness is an insult and offense to those of reasonable minds.

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