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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

They Lied to Us About the Sandy Hook School Shooting

It is getting VERY tiresome being lied to by the Government and the Media. Watch and read this and ask yourself if you too are tired of these lies and what the ultimate purpose of them may be.

So they finally had to come out and admit it, now that the Coroner has released some info along with Police. An AR-15 Rifle or the so-called "Assault Weapon" was not used in the school shooting.

Repeat, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where 20 children and six adults were massacred was not done with an AR-15 type rifles,....

The shooter (we won't even use his despicable name) even tried weeks earlier to buy a rifle but was turned down in the background check. So he had to kill his Mother to steal her rifle. There were initial reports right after the shooting, that Police found the AR-15 Rifle in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. But the media and left sing anti-gun politicans focused on the AR-15 rifle.....because it suited their agenda. Remember the Obama Administration creed of "Not letting a good crisis go to waste."

Again, a Rifle was not used. The Shooter went into the school with 4 handguns. Not an Assault Rifle as the media has charged. Remember in the initial hours of this shooting, the Police said they found the Rifle in the car. But the News Media had a Pre-Planned Attack already waiting, to ban so-called assault weapons and jumped on that line of reporting, knowing it was a lie. Including people like Piers Morgan who said the shooter used an AR-15 that shoots hundreds of rounds per minute, as if it were a machine gun.

Could it be that the Democrat Liberals and the Media were pushing for the new law, hoping they could do it, before the Coroner released the info. I'm betting on it. Look at what Governor-Dictator Cuomo did in New York.

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