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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Real Stats on "Gun Violence"

This is an objective, homemade video from Guns America explaining some of the numbers on gun violence in the US and how the media and politicians are ignoring the real numbers and attempting to play on emotions. Violent crime has been declining for many years in the US, and compared to the UK, we have a much lower overall rate.

We do have a problem with violent crime in our inner cities, including gun homicides, 75% of which is related to gang violence. As we explained in our Appeal to Women & Minority Gun Owners, the current media blitz against guns is racist and extremely callous about the real problems in our inner cities. This video identifies the problem, population centers of over 250,000.

The Heller and Robertson decisions originated in Chicago and Washington D.C. respectively. If we don’t give any ground right now, our inner cities are on the way to at least arming the victims. And as the video explains at the end: “Improve the poverty level, create jobs, improve the educational system. That is how you are going to reduce crime in those neighborhoods. ” Again, the bottom line - memorize these for arguments with your liberal douche bag friends: ~ In the last 20 years the United States 50% reduction in violent crime rate and 54% reduction in murder rate. For 2011 England and Wales 3 times the violent crime rate that the US has. ~ Of all the homicides in the U.S. only 3.5% caused by rifles the AR rifle being a sub-set or small category of rifles overall.

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