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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Foreign Aid: Needs to Go Away

Open Letter to Congress, both Republicans and Democrats,...and especially President Obama. And this is coming on the heels of the Obama Administration saying they will give Egypt 16 F-16 fighter aircraft and a large number of M-1 Abrams tanks. Remember, this is to the Morsi regime who said they only have two enemies: Israel and the United States. This is ludicous!

No matter how you spin it, or yes, even lie about it, this Country is broke. I know some of you will say we have enough money coming in from revenues, read taxes, that we can pay our bills. Oh how deceitful you are! This only counts for the some of the interest on our debt and not any of the principals, and we continue to borrow money to pay for entitlement programs while social security and Medicare are going broke.

If you really want to pay for entitlements then I suggest we quit giving our enemies the tax payers money. I know of no one who approves of foreign aid to terrorists, murders, dictators, drug traffickers and such.

In the last few years we have provided direct cash aid to the following countries, which should stop immediately.

Haiti- $1,400,000,000

Hamas - $351,000,000

Pakistan- $2,000,000,000

Libya $1,450,000,000

Egypt- $397,000,000

Mexico- $622,000,000

Russia- $380,000,000

Haiti- $1,400,000,000

Jordan- $463,000,000

Kenya- $816,000,000

Sudan- $870,000,000

Nigeria- $456,000,000

Uganda- $451,000,000

Congo- $359,000,000

Ethiopia- $981,000,000

South Africa- $566,000,000

Senegal- $698,000,000

Mozambique- $404,000,000

Zambia- $331,000,000

Kazakhstan- $304,000,000

Iraq- $1,080,000,000

Tanzania- $554,000,000

While the above funding totals a pitiful amount compared to the National debt that you have run up,...presently over $16.4 Trillion,'s a sad fact that we give this money to these mutt countries and they continue to run us down in the United Nations, voting against us and even supporting or cheering terrorist attacks on this country or our people.

Besides,....eliminating tax payer funds for even one of the above countries would pay the salary shortcoming for most of our government, sans the military.

Our retired seniors living on a fixed income, children going hungry in this Country, decayed infrastructure, there are many better targets of our money than to give to our enemies.

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