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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Government, Taxes and the Debt

If Congress and the President allow the tax rates to go up a married couple, filing jointly and making $80,000 a year would receive $221 per pay check less beginning January 2011.

People, be it Legislators or the public, who are against continuing the existing tax rates are spinning the facts, calling the continuation of the so called Bush Tax Cuts (existing tax rates) as new tax cuts, when in fact if Congress extends these rates it will be the tax status quo. If they do not extend these rates, then starting January 2011 Americans (ALL Americans, not just the so-called rich) will be faced with a massive tax hike as we are in a terrible recession with no relief in site.

The latest stats on the unemployment rate is 9.8%. Yet the Obama Administration thinks the solution is to give corporations more money and the extend unemployment benefits rather than to eliminate obstacles from the private sector where the jobs are created. Unbelievable.

There is no revenue problem with what taxes the Government takes in. Let me say that again. There is no revenue problem with what taxes the government takes in. What there is, is a spending problem. The Government simply spends more money than they have and are spending in ways most of us do not agree with.

Most of us would risk our lives to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That same "most of us" would find it distasteful that people create "works of art" such as a caricature of Jesus on a Cross with ants and cockroaches crawling around on his body. And however distasteful the "art" is, and no matter how large the scumbag creating it, most of us would recognize his right to do so. BUT, no person in their right mind would buy off on having the tax payer fund this idiot's right to express himself.

The Government has to simply be much better on spending money wisely. Even then it it is going to take entitlement cuts to get our National debt under a manageable level. The consequences are too severe not to.

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