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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making The Rounds: What People are Saying

....About social security, taxation, government waste and over spending...

Just a short roll up on some of the blog comments making the rounds:

"I believe the gov. tolerates the low and middle class people only because they pay in enormous amounts of tax revenues and they make the best soldiers in the world. when or if they reach retirement age or for whatever reason they are not as productive as they once were they are then expendable, like most things today " they're throw a-ways"...once the elected officials in washington get elected they never look back, they're are then above the law. the lobbiests, special interest groups, big businesses and drug cartels run and own washington d.c. the american dream is a farce to keep people working, washington enjoys a life style unequaled anywhere on the face of the earth,they are never going to give that up..."

"Maybe all you people crying that you can't live off of what they give you or that somebody else gets more then you for less, should have prepared better. yes the system is broken and run poorly. But what happened to self preservation? Take of care of yourself and not sit around whining you don't get enough. Cause factually everyone gets more then they put in due to cost of living adjustments. People receiving $600month could live off of that easily back when they started putting money into social security. So in the end, you should have gotten off your rump and prepared for your retirement yourself and quit waiting for someone else to take care of you."

"We are all just pigs at the trough of the government and destroying the country for our children. We are the first generation of Americans to leave our country in worse shape for our kids than our parents left us. We should be ashamed."

"If you work for the federal government your pension funds are invested in stocks and bonds listed on the stock exchange. If you are wrapped in the loving arms of Social Security, your retirement funds cannot be invested in the market. Social Security funds are loaned to the govt. and yields about 2% return, the govt. pension funds invested in the market probably yields between 5% to 10% or more."

The above comments were ones that were more reasnable or articulate. Of course you still have people who are blaming Bush for everything,.... people who believe that the Worldwide Wrestling Federation on television is real,.... and people who believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! The comments are for real. I invested in my future and know many others that do. My wife, who still works, invests in her future too. Even though I set aside a chunk of mine (investments/earns) for her. Every man and woman should prepare to take care of themselves and to leave the country in better shape (for our children) than we received it (from our parents and grandparents).