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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tax Cuts for Everyone!

Reading the title "Tax Cuts for Everyone!" you would think the tax rates are going down. Not so, they are staying the same. Then why, you ask, does the Liberals make it seem that the Republicans are cutting taxes for the rich. Oh,..that's just their lying, cheating ways my friend.

The Liberal press proclaims that the "tax cuts" will cost the government $186.8 billion. Not so at all. Again, the rates are staying the same therefore no money is lost. But it doesn't keep the Lib's from spreading their manure. Besides, Congress does not have a revenue problem,...they have a spending problem.

But what IS costing the government,....and that's you and me and the other tax payers, yet another extension of unemployment benefits which will cost at least $56.5 billion. What the hell is Congress thinking! How can we spend money we don't have?...Well, don't think too hard, the answer is right in front of us,...they print more money of course.

When Liberals rant and rave that the "rich" aren't paying their fair share, we need to scream the truth in their stupid faces that the rich pay much more than their fair share, and how dare the Liberals demand they pay more. This is a classic socialist - communist theme....they want to redistribute wealth, as long as they are on the top end of pile.

Another smart move by Congress,...make a one year 2% Social Security tax cut for wage earners, when the Social Security Program is near bankrupt,.....this will cost $112 billion. Excellent idea - that's like cutting your own work hours when you can't make ends meet.

And you wonder why we are in trouble?

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