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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Obama asks us to believe in impossible things

By Roger Hedgecock outlines absurd contradictions of current administration

"There is no use trying," said Alice, "one can't believe in impossible things."

"I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the queen. "Why, sometimes I've believed six impossible things before breakfast."

– " Alice in Wonderland"

To believe in Obama's America, it's good to be a queen. You must be prepared to believe impossible things.

You must believe that Obama's indefinite detention of terrorists at Gitmo is different than Bush's indefinite detention of terrorists at Gitmo. After all, Obama promised to close Gitmo as a necessary action to restore America 's reputation in the world. His intention to close Gitmo is what's important, certainly more important than the reality of leaving it open "indefinitely."

You must contrast Obama's indefinite detention of terrorists at Gitmo while heroically working to close Gitmo to Maricopa County ( Arizona ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio with his desert tent city of county inmates in pink underwear singing Christmas carols. Obama, the indefinite detainer, has sued Sheriff Joe for violating the human rights of county inmates because Sheriff Joe has no intention of closing his tent city. Understand?

You must believe that Obama is committed to border security even though he sued Arizona when that state wanted to actually enforce the federal laws on immigration.

You must believe that openly homosexual U.S. soldiers will win the war with radical Islam when Islamic Shariah law punishes open homosexuality with death.

You must believe that "tolerance" demands your approval of a triumphal mosque at Ground Zero, but respect for "diversity" requires you to understand why Muslims were so offended by a Christian church near Baghdad they killed 68 parishioners attending mass. Those Christians (who were in Iraq before there was an "Islam") sure can be provocative.

You must believe that you are safer on an airplane flight from radical Muslim terrorists if the TSA can take your nude X-ray picture and/or grope your genitalia.

You must believe that FCC restrictions on the Internet will enhance free speech. And you must believe that these FCC restrictions, adopted by the FCC without any lawful authority from Congress, are lawful because the FCC intends to protect you from evil corporations, and its intention is pure. The FCC is acting in the public interest and need no authority from Congress to do so.

Similarly, you must believe that (contrary to record cold and snow) man-made, CO2-caused global warming is now so threatening that the EPA must act now to cut CO2 emissions from power plants and manufacturing plants to save the planet. That Congress has not given the EPA this authority should not stand in the way of critical action needed now.

Never mind that the planet seems to be entering a new Ice Age. The religion of greenhouse-gas emissions causing the earth to warm and the seas to rise lives on. (See, for example, the Los Angeles Times last week.)

Never mind that cutting CO2 emissions would result in electricity rates "necessarily skyrocketing" (Obama's own words). Never mind that the FCC and the EPA are in the vanguard of a bureaucratic dictatorship free from congressional control. Believe it. They are doing the right thing.

You must believe that Sarah Palin is a nutcase for talking about "death panels" in Obamacare when everyone at the New York Times knows that no such thing exists. You must also believe the New York Times article last week describing limitations on "end of life care" in Obamacare and not see the contradiction.

You must believe that the antidote to an economic recession caused by too much debt – is more debt. You must believe that government taxes and regulations making it tougher to be in business will produce more jobs.

You must believe that America gets stronger by borrowing from the Chinese. And that begging the Chinese to help "restrain" North Korea (a Chinese puppet state) is "diplomacy."

You must believe that giving the Russians a veto over U.S. missile defense technology makes you safer.

You must believe that leaking 250,000 secret papers from the U.S. Departments of Defense and State promotes transparency and accountability, but that revealing Obama's birth records, college transcripts and college financial aid sources would not.

The queen in " Alice in Wonderland" could only believe six impossible things before breakfast. Obama asks us to believe an unlimited number of impossible things every day

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