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Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Not a Social Issue!

Recently I was listening to Talk Show radio covering the upcoming Michigan and Arizona Republican Presidential Primaries, mainly between former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) and former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA). The host was saying that these two candidates as well as the Republican leadership in Congress are making a mistake when they call out Obama on social issues, where in the host’s view, they should be concentrating on the economy.

The host saying it was a losing strategy to bang on Obama for trying to make religious institutions pay for birth control for the employees, and of course Obama rapidly backed up on that saying that instead the (evil) insurance companies will foot the bill to provide free contraceptives. For one point none of us believe that this is free in the first part – the insurance companies will pass of those costs in higher premiums to all, including the people who religious beliefs are contrary to birth control. Before you know it, it’ll be mandatory “free’ abortions.

But here’s a thought I heard on a different talk show,…..what if medical researchers found a “gay gene” which unborn babies could be tested for? Whould these liberals still be for open abortions for all? Or would they further expose their radical leftwing agenda and make some rule where abortions are okay as a means of birth control except where you want an abortion on a unborn child who has a Gay gene.

But I digress,…..the point is that the Conservative upset on Obama’s call for religious institutions to directly or indirectly fund the pill against their religious beliefs it not necessarily a social issue. It is a Constitutional issue because of, one – the direct assault on the first amendment, and two – a usurpation of powers to the executive office which are, frankly, like a Central American dictatorship.

And this is not like the first time it has happened in the last three years or since Obama took the oath of office. Obama has unconstitutionally created Czars; used stimulus funds to run conservatives out of the retail car market; ordered and/or allowed the Justice Department to let federal criminals go unpunished (such as the Black militants threatening voters in PA) and instead focused on suing the states who won’t accept either Obama’s incompetence or attacks on the Constitution. Obama gave us Obamacare,….you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it? Are you kidding me? Now we have see some of what is in it and are disgusted by it.

We have seen anti-business regulation after regulation; Obama putting this country's very security at risk with his anti-drilling and anti-pipeline positions he takes. He gave us Solyndra,….$550 million for a bankrupt company. Obama’s further violations include declaring himself, absence of congress'es approval, when congress is in session or not, then making appointments of his anti-business buddies to run the Consumer Protection Agency.

For God’s sake now we have USDA inspectors in elementary school telling mothers what makes a nutritious lunch?

Nope.....these are Constitutional issues. One man or one branch of office does not have these powers. The Democrats controlled Congress for his first two years, and who now control just the Senate, are allowing him to do this. Damn right we need to make this an issue come the late summer.

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  1. I'll send you the letter (via email) that I sent to my Senater & Representative. Awaiting a response.