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Monday, February 6, 2012

Proposed U.N. Treaties Undermines U.S. Interests

Dick Morris alerts us to four U.N. Treaties that President Obama is about to sign. Morris states that Obama is about to cede fundamental U.S. interest in a permanent fashion, as Morris states once the treaties are signed a subsequent Republican President could not undo them. This real stinks! The only permanent government document should be the Constitution - and this Administration would change that too if they could.

International Criminal Court Treaty. On the surface, establishing more world courts to go after and prosecute people for genocide seems like a good idea, but when the criminal act of "aggression" is included which is defined at going to war without approval of the U.N. you start to see a very stupid idea. Remember Russia and China just veto'ed a resolution calling for the resignation of President Assad, who has ordered the murder of thousands of his Syrian countrymen.

Law of the Sea Treaty. This idiotic idea is that nations give up 50% of their off shore oil and gas drilling profits to a fund managed by members from 160 countries who will in urn decide on which country gets the money. Worldwide socialism! Oh by the way, this treaty also requires us to share oil and gas drilling technology.

Small Arms Treaty, which should be called "Universal Worldwide Gun Control" treaty. This requires every member country to "crack down" on gun owners to ensure guns are not exported. Of course criminal organizations, terrorist groups, and countries like Russia and China will be exempt from or otherwise held unaccountable. This is a thinly veiled attempt by Liberals to get gun control on the books when they know they could never get it passed through congress.

Rights of Children Treaty. Who could be against ensuring children had rights? No one, as this is meant to fight child prostitution and other crimes against children. But when you look at adding requirements or restrictions on education, religion schooling and parent discipline this treaty takes our children away from us and outs them in a collective straight from the old Soviet Union.

UNBELIEVABLE! Plain and simple,...we need to get ut of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the United States.

Go to Dick Morris' site and watch the video on these treaties.

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  1. It just get worse and worse doesn't it. Yet everyone that has taken the 'blue pill' just keeps on smiling and with glassed over eyes saying where do I sign? Dear God, help us, because the bad guy (Satan) is tearing down the walls of christianity.