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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Doesn't Add Up

Obama's 2013 Budget. Really all we need to know is that Obama proposes to spend $3.8 Trillion against incoming revenues of $2.9 Trillion. Really.

Of course this adds almost one trillion to the already $15 + Trillion national debt. In fact, in his 2013 budget a full 7% of the budget is just for interest on that debt. That's like a family with a monthly income of $4,000 paying $280 a month just on credit card interest, not mind you, any reduction of the existing balance.....just paying on the interest - starting to become an Obama thing.

And of course Obama's budget does not address any reforms or restructuring of Social Security or Medicare.....both which are supposed to tank (read: go bankrupt) within the next 10-20 years depending upon who figures you use.

Obama's presents this budget with words like "reining in our deficits is not an end in itself but a necessary step to rebuilding a strong foundation so our economy can grow and create good jobs."

Are you kidding me Mr. President? What you say and what you do are two different things. How is spending almost a Trillion more than we are bringing in "reining in our deficits?", does "deficit spending" create new jobs?

1 comment:

  1. How does, "I'll cut the deficit in half during my (1st) term," strike you. The lefties, along with the media is playing it as "we didn't know how deeply in trouble the economy was." "That's why we've spent 4-Trillion dollars and it's keep the country afloat." (In DEBT I'll add - we're now going over 16-T.) How about we cut the size of this massive government that has come along with the growth of HSC. Cut the TSA (the Feds Airport Police) to the airline industry, with only oversite by the government. It will be run much better by them, than the government could ever do. Say G.B. to the Education Department, The EPA, and a bunch of other Departments that have grown so massive and have not and will not do what they were made for. I know it will raise the unemployment numbers. But not to fear. Those that lose there government jobs will soon stop looking for work and won't be counted as unemployed anymore, so the numbers will drop (say 12 to 18 months - yah that's what it will take, 24 at the most).