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Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm pretty damn outraged on several issues this morning. One that President Obama apologizes to Afghan President Karazi about the US Military burning a few Korans, and that Obama is trying to escape any blame for the rising gas prices (it's Bush's fault don't you know).

On the same day that saw two American soldier murdered when an Afghan soldier turned his weapon on them at a base in eastern Nangarhar, President Obama apologizes for the U.S. Military burning a few Korans that were not only defaced by Muslim prisoners, but whose religion Islam calls for the burning of defaced Koran's much like American's do with old, tattered U.S. Flags. Unbelievable.

By the way,....where has the President been since Iran gave out a death sentance to an Iranian who converted to Christianity and refuses to denounce Jesus Christ? Obama silence on this incredible travesty of human and religious rights is telling, but not suprising since the Left has been trying to get Christianity out of the U.S. for several decades now, so why stand up for it over seas? Anyone remember Obama saying "This is not a Christian Nation?"

Then we have the Imperial Clown in Chief spinning and twisting the facts about rising oil and gas prices to avoid any responsibility......Gas prices have doubled since Obama's became President. Oil drilling has increased but only on private lands, like in North Dakota, despite this Administration's efforts to derail new drilling. Drilling on Federal lands, incidentally owned by the People and not the Adminstration, are way down as permits for off shore drilling are down and hard to get. Yet this
Administration, from President Obama, to his court jester press secretary Jay Carney, deflect blame and call for more (wasted) money to go to alternative energy sources. What?!?! Does the name Solyndra remind anyone of anything?

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