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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apology to Karzai for Burning of Korans

Last week, four American soldiers were killed during Afghan rioting over the burning by U.S. troops of several Korans. Several days ago seven Army Special Forces soldiers were wounded by a hand grenade attack on their compound by Afghani's who were upset with the burning of several Koran's, and buoyed by President Obama's apology to to Karzai for this event. And now late breaking news is two more American soldiers have been murdered. Great job Mr. President!

It is not usually mentioned in the legacy press, nor in President Obama's apology, that these Korans were defaced by prisoners using them to write secret messages to fellow prisoners. In fact, the U.S. military brought in local Muslim Clerics and they were upset that fellow muslims would deface the Koran and that burning them was the only way to deal with these defaced Korans.....much like how we handle a old and frayed U.S. flag.

To add insult to injury, yesterday Obama declared that his apology "calmed things down."

Jumping on the "apology" bandwagon is the young lady in the video below, although she takes quite a different direction.

You can read the entire article with reader comments here.

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