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Friday, March 2, 2012

Romney Attacked By Other Mormons

While it is no hidden fact that Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico, many people don't know the extent of Mormonism with the at-large Hispanic community. It makes sense since many young Mormon men and women do two year missions all over the world in fact, bringing the Mormon brand
of Christianity to others. I studied Mormonism for almost two years, attending classes at a local Temple, recieving visiting missionarys before I decided not to join this Church - no major reasons , I just preferred a different brand of Christianity that was more ecletic in nature.

But recently there are articles coming out, of course propelled by the legacy media, about the extent of opposition to Mitt Romney by Hispanic Mormons based on Romney's stance on illegal immigration and path to citizenship.

In all of these articles one would find shorts quotes by Hispanic Mormons saying words to the effect, "We are not supporting him because of his stance on immigration.", "I would never vote for him, even though he is a Mormon, because of his anti-immigration stance.", etc, etc.

First of all the word or term these people are looking for is "anti-immigration". The Liberal politicians and left wing legacy media will often use the term "immigrants" to replace the term "illegal or undocumented immigrants". They know the difference yet they continue to spin and lie to pull support from conservatives and give to liberals. All conservatives not only support immigration, they also call for an more fair and streamlined immigration policy and process. Law breakers, those who are here illegally, should not get special priviledges.

Mormon Hispanics who won't vote for Romney simply because he believes in border security and a legal immigration process, are really saying Hispanics should get special priviledges,....they are voting their race/ethnic group and, are in fact, racists, pure and simple. Just like the actor Samuel L. Jackson, a very good actor by the way, who said he voted for Obama because he is black. Just think what would be said about Mel Gibson saying he will only vote for a white candidate? And of course, this would also be another racist opinion.

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