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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Slur and the Rest of the Story

Everyone has heard about Rush Limbaugh insulting the young Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, after her testimony to Congress about the implications and effects on students, mostly women, not having contraceptives included in their student health plans. Well, Rush is a big idiot who runs his mouth. Even though he takes up conservative causes, he is someone I do not listen to at all. I just can't stand his
tone of voice or his rethoric.

But what is being lost in the whole "Rush called her a slut" news event, if the actual testimony from Sandra Fluke. Warning - this is not going to be politically correct! But I'm a tax payer and I'm damn mad!

She, Sandra, has seen the "emotional, mental and physical" toll that lack of contraceptive care has on the women of Georgetown. She say's that without insurance, contraceptives can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. She goes on to say that (the costs) is "practically an entire summer's salary." Fluke also reports that 40% of the Georgetown women say they "struggle financially" due to the burden of providing their own contraceptives.

Wow, just breaks my heart that students, women in particulary, are getting the short end of stick because the Government, previous to Obama unconstitutional directive, failed in a so-damn-hard-hearted manner to provide women with a tool to live their lives in a chosen manner. I am not alleging excessive prosmicuity for these Georgetown co-eds, it's just amazing how far this Country has fallen to have our adult children, being educated in our best institutions, think they are entitled to have the rest of us taxpayers fund their lifestyle. How dare you Sandra Fluke!

I don't know what made me sicker,......listening to a young American think the trest of the country owed her,..or seeing Nancy Pelosi's face close up.

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