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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Funny How Things Turn South

Chicago teacher strike pits Democrat Supporters of Unions against Unions supporting Democrats.

This is funny as all get out.

First you have Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who won office when he didn't even meet candidate residency requirements for office, as a very pro-Union supporter since Obama and the Dems funnel a lot of money and support to the Union, who in turn use their funding (some of it taxpayer funding) and influence to garner votes (from the living as well as dead).

If you don't remember Emmanuel, he was one of Obama's advisors.  He is noted for waling around the Congressional locker room, buck naked, and trying to talk to legislators while they were taking showers.  

Secondly add in the Chicago Teacher's Union not happy with their $76,000 annual salary (average) and not content to have to pay a whopping 4% of their own health care costs, now striking because of efforts to link student evaluations with teacher evaluations.

Imagine that, being evaluated on your performance! The Chicago teachers feel that a 20% failure rate on basic reading and math scores is acceptable. It's not their fault students fail to learn. Plus the government owes these teachers their jobs and gold plated benefits....don't you think?

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