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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Joel Osteen Explains Why He Doesn't Talk Politics

The Blaze recently profiled renowned Televangelist Joel Osteen, concerning his "non-endorsement" of any political candidates. Mr. Osteen explains that endorsing one candidate over the other tends to be divisive which is something he’s looking to avoid.

The Blaze further reported that in an interview with “CBS This Morning”, Osteen went in depth on his reasoning on avoiding politics.

“You start dividing yourself saying, ‘I’m a Democrat,’ ‘Republican,’ whatever, 50 percent immediately don’t agree,” Osteen said in the CBS interview. “And I want to throw a broad message of hope to everyone, not somebody turn me off because of my political preference.”

Osteen also called the current Presidential campaign interesting and he wishes both candidates would keep it clean.

Now here is where I lose respect for Osteen........he said that he admires both President Barack Obama and Republican contender Mitt Romney,....then he said who ever wins, let's support them.

The Democrats, as demonstrated by the Delegates at the DNC wanted to take the word "God' out of their platform. Democrats typically and regularly rail against separation of church and state and extend that argument to the ninth degree. Democrat leaders - Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman-Schultz and a host of others routinely lie on television. They supported killing babies up to the moment of birth........and Osteen not only respects Obama but if Obama wins he wants us to support him? Support Obama when and where? When is racking up unprecedented national debt? Support him as he violates the constitution with his executive orders? Support Obama when he apologizes for Islamic terrorist behavior?

One of the commentators on the on-line article, in part, wrote this: "I agree with you. The cowardice in the clergy (refering to Osteen) will not go unpunished. But Cowardice is something we see in media, with a very few minor exceptions. Here is a video contrasting the Marsh Mellow Osteen, vs Paul Washer a bold preacher:

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