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Friday, September 28, 2012

Latest Obama Ad and Reactions

President Barack Obama is pitching a broad economic argument to voters ahead of next week's debate with Republican opponent Mitt Romney, buying TV time in seven battleground states to promote what he calls a "new economic patriotism."

In a two-minute ad, Obama looks into the camera as he promotes an economic plan he says will create 1 million manufacturing jobs, cut oil imports and hire thousands of new teachers. Notably, Obama does not mention his record like any other incumbent. He does not mention anything he has accomplished, because he has accomplished nothing positive. He blames Bush when he (Obama) not only had control, but over whelming control, of Congress for two years.

Obama say's he will create 1 million manufacturing jobs, but he has not met with his jobs council for what? over 9 months? One of his biggest donor's and primary jobs counselor, Jeffrey Immelt of GE, is moving jobs to China.

Obama say's he will cut oil imports,....maybe he will, maybe he won't, but it won't be because of drilling here in this country. Drilling on Federal land is down signficantly. Obama's is for more drilling but only when it supports other countries drilling with our money. So we pay for their drilling then pay again for oil imports. What a deal!  And gas prices twice as high as they were when Obama took office. 

Obama wants to hire more teachers. Of course he does but only if they are union teachers and in states that require Union dues to be paid. Obama does not support the Right To Work because it takes away from manditory dues to the unions which support him through campaign contributions.

This is what people on the internet are saying about Obama's latest ad:

"Frank Marshall Obama wants more time to make sure more people lose jobs and homes. Tell those clowns to keep those Marxist "FORWARD" signs they may need them to build a shelter." ~1000ja1000

"What the hell is idiot Obama talking about? He said if he could not fix things he would not seek a second term. We know this dick head is a liar but there is thousands of videos with this fool saying that. I just wonder where they find these dumb asses to show up for this fraud???" ~TheCafeVid

"We must rally around the Impeachment of Marxist Nut Frank Marshall Davis Obama." MaxOneMedia

"He says he promised to 'hear my voice', well, clearly he didn't hear my voice when he rammed through Obamacare. He didn't hear the voice of the majority of Americans, who opposed his health care plan. He rules like a king, and he doesn't give a hoot what the people think except on election day. If he's elected again, watch out. He'll be even worse in his second term. So I'll do the patriotic thing and vote for Romney in 2012. We need a change." ~ourmissboo

"First Obama has no idea what Patriotism is. Second; When he talks about hard work, he is not including millions of free loaders on welfare, He is talking to taxpayers because he is going to raise your taxes. Obama is so far from being an American, it is so clear and plain to see. He is a free loader himself. Never had a job. Do not be stupid to vote for this man. He does not care about you or your family." ~Walhei960

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