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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Obama Campaign Lies

Surprise!! The Obama campaign has released yet another Television ad lying about Romney and Medicare, so it's technically a "two for".

Here's the lies: "Barack Obama will protect your guaranteed benefits and will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program,” "Mitt Romney would take away Medicare as guaranteed benefits and instead give future retirees ‘premium support’ or vouchers.”

Despite Romney and Ryan's statments that Medicare would remain the same for all person 55 years and older,...and,...based on the indisputable fact that Medicare has to be reformed at some level because it will go backrupt in 8 years,......and despite the fact that Obama and the Democrats were the one's who took $700+ billion away from Medicare putting seniors in great jeopardy in order to pay for Obamacare, the Democrat Lie machine, lead by Obama, continue to try and scare seniors. Pitiful and Pathetic.

Here's what people on the interent say about the most recent Obama lies:

First the Idiots:

"Shame on ABC for being a racist against the guy who is half Black and half White. It’s not okay to be a racist but it’s okay to be a reversed racist. Anything against Barrack Hussein Obama is racist and hates." Posted by: acd2012

"Liars. Everything Mr Obama says is easily proved to be correct. To state otherwise is simply racist." Posted by: Gobama

Now, the honest people:

"GOBAMA: It’s people like you that are dividing this country. YOU are the racist here, since you believe the only reason someone can call Obama a liar is because he’s black. YOU are the racist for wanting to protect him simply because he’s black. " Posted by: S-LA

"What do you expect from a nation divider and racebaiter? Obama VS AMERICA" Posted by: Yep I said that

"What’s the similarity between a cheap rug and Obama? They both lie". Posted by: Marc

"There is only one reason why AARP opposes the voucher system and it has only one thing do with its membership: captive insurance sales. AARP sold out its membership when it supported Obamacare and a planned $900 million reduction in Medicare spending simply because it represented an increased opportunity to sell the insurance products it represents. The way that AARP supports it’s membership, anyone can do anything to any senior as long as it does not disrupt the commissions from insurance sales." Posted by: wantingbalance

"Welcome to liberal America where lies are the normal and where incompetence is rewarded on the same level as success. Where everyone feels they are entitled to everything and should have to only put in the minimum effort for said entitlements. And responsibility is someone else’s problem. Liberal Americans are always always right and if something does go wrong well then it must be someone else’s fault. If you disagree with liberal Americans well you are called every name in the book, “Racist”, “Radical” or “Extreme” are just some of the favorite names used by the liberal Americans. Look at the very first post here!! This mentality will only get worse if Oblammer is re-elected. So when did it become extreme or radical to live within your means? Bottom line is we need a long term fix not a short term just re-elect me type fix. What we don’t need is more divisive tactics used by Team Oblammer. I guess for liberal Americans these actions equate to moving FORWARD!" Posted by: frankieworks

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