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Friday, October 1, 2010

Amuse Yourself at AARP's Expense

Have you ever received an offer from AARP, who is of course the American Association of Retired People?? If you are already a member do you support the AARP becoming a liberal cause supportting, a socialist political action committee, using your membership dollars?

No matter what your view is on the Obamacare law that pass, and will hopefully be repealed by the new Republican majority in Congress coming soon, you would have to admit that passing a law so you can find out what is in it (Nancy Pelosi's reasoning) was really stupid,...moronic in fact.

Everything single swinging Richard in Congress who voted for it should be summarily fired. Well, the AARP was one of major groups lobbying for the passage of Obamacare even though the Medicare cuts will be devastating to the elderly. I guess so much for taking care of their membership which is the over 50 crowd.

So anyway, to crack myself up, when I get these AARP offers in the mail, I always write in a black Sharpie,..... "Leave me Alone you Communists!",..... or,...."This is the 22nd offer I have refused,..get a clue your Morons!"

Then I stuff the pre-paid envelope with carpet cleaning ads, roof repair ads and the occassional napkin with mustard stains and send back.

Hey, besides voting and doing this blog,...what else can I do in the name of justice and the American Way?


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  2. Deleted that comment - I seem unable to type and spell worth a darn. Reposted with corrected spelling:
    I don't write on the envelopes, but I send them their garbage back too! I send all prepaid junk mail back. I don't think it will keep the postal service from raising the postal rates, but it helps keep the them in business.