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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food Stamp and Junk Food Debate

I am sure everyone has been in the grocery store with a person in front of you using Food Stamps or the State level equivalent Did you every think "This person is poor, on food stamps but buying liquor, sodas, potato chips and other junk food with a tax payer's subsidiary?"

Well, that kind of thought is now open debate across the airwaves brought on by New York's plan to disallow the purchase of soda pop with food welfare coupons.

Kinda of a two edged sword, ain't it?

On one hand we don't want any more Government intrusions into our lives,.... and the cry for no more regulations is deafening.

On the other hand why should tax payers fund poor people's terrible eating habits, only to see these same people getting obese and developing Adult Onset Diabetes which the treatment of further depletes tax payer dollars and drives up health care costs?

I, for one, would support some type of reasonable, easy to enforce, ban on using tax paying funded food coupons to purchase liquor and junk food. How about you?


  1. Although I can agree on this in principal, I don't believe the government should be intruding any further into our lives than they currently are.

  2. the way you say poor people is very degreading and i have never seen any one buy liquor with an ebt card they also cant buy energy drinks with an ebt card in some places but the point is is that its there choice if they want to be fatties then let them.