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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Forgotten Man

Wow! I hope you all have the same reaction I did when I viewed Jon McNaughton's video, embedded below. Jon McNaughton an excellent painter, just look at the faces of President's Past that he captured on canvas,..look at the anguish on Geroge Bush's face!....Jon also demonstrates exceptional insight into how the majority of Americans feel about how the Constitution has been trampled on by the current President.

I do not agree with Jon's placement of Teddy Roosevelt in the group of our worst American Presidents: Obama, Clinton, Carter, FDR, Hoover, Wilson, and Cleveland. Teddy Roosevelt's heavy hand with free trade and captialism keep alot of people from dying in severe winters and he help break up alot of big business and transportation. Plus I like him for decking a Cowboy in a bar in Mingusville, Montana Territory, in 1885, who called him "four eyes", not to mention leading the Rough Rider charge against entrenched Spainish soldiers in Cuba. But there is no doubt that the Obama Administration, with it's appointed Czars, tax and spend policies, big government take over of industry and medicine is tramlping all over our beloved Constitution. Our only grace comes from the fact that his and his cronies combined pink slips will be announced 8 days from now.

Oh! The Forgotten Man?.....that's me and you.

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