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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Days and a Wake Up

Two Days and a Wake Up to Positive Hope and Real Change,.....if we Vote!

Watching the news today enlightened me to the following poll numbers:
45% of Independents were going to vote Republican and 32% of the Independents would vote Democrat. These numbers , of course, are the reverse of what propelled Obama into the White House.

The poll further stated that women were 45 to 41% more likely, this election go round, to vote Republican. The Talking heads attributed these number to a shift of concerns from Cultural issues to Economic issues.

While I pray we can change the direction of the country, starting with voting out the Bums (Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, Dingell, Boxer, etc.) therefore the reason why people vote the Bums out would be secondary, I still can't agree to the reasoning being a shift from cultural issues to economic ones.

Sure, the economy is in a shambles, but what got us to this point is a hard left deviation from conservatives values: small government, self-responsibility, low taxation, manageable social programs, pro-business approach to regulations, and respect for laws to name a few. I can't help from feel that people are sick and tired of Anti-American rhetoric, political correctness and a hard move toward socialist, big government. If we change this direction, we fix the economy - plain and simple.

Let's get to it. Two Days and a Wake Up to Vote. Vote wisely and stay involved....after all it's your country and you are responsible for it.

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