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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama and Lack of Documentation Debate continues

We received the following comment on the post titled: Obama's Undocumented Past and the LTC Lakin Case.

“Anonymous said: The officials have said that they have seen the original in the files. Yes, you are right, they will not release it because Hawaii has not sent out the original since 2001--not to ANYBODY. Ever since the new short-form computer-generated Certification of Live Birth became the official birth certificate in 2001, that is the only birth document that Hawaii has sent out.

The Certification of Live Birth is the official birth certificate, used by thousands of people every year to prove their birth in the USA .

Re: "who paid for the trip and accommodations?"

Answer: Probably Rich friends when he was at college. Is this illegal?”

CATP answers – While there is still some legitimate debate over President Obama’s birth certificate, I have to admit I’m not too concerned about that as I am his adult background, his friends and mentors and his administration’s policies, which speak much louder than a birth certificate about who he is.

The full documentation issue is very concerning….hell, even a little bit of documentation would be acceptable. When compared to other President’s, Obama’s total lack of disclosure on school records, passports and travel records, and, work records if you call being a lawyer and a community organizer really work, are just a different standard. Conservatives, however, are used to the double standard for Liberals as opposed to conservatives. A liberal congressman gets in trouble, like Barney Mumbles Frank running a gay whore house out of his condo, and the Dems cover it up and accuse Republicans of being prejudiced against butt pirates. Let a Republican do something unethical, and there have been plenty of those too, and the whole world’s out to get him.

Back to Obama and his lack of disclosure,….I for one care about who paid for his travel to SW Asia and more importantly what did he do there? For anybody else in the Federal government, this would mean no security clearance……..Oh, there goes that double standard again.

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  1. Yes, while the birth certificate is not a super issue, it just brings out the lack of disclosure and openness that Obama stated that his administration was about (the lie's in other words). Though I am very curious of how he traveled overseas as a US Citizen to countries on the US do not travel list and how all that was paid for. Just finshed Michelle Maklin's book - damn the underhanded playing and backdoor stuff that has been going on and is associated with Obama and friends! Not to say the Bush admin didn't do underhanded and backdoor stuff, I just hoped that Obama would live up to his word that he has given the American people.