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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christine O'Donnell - Everyone's Punching Bag

The last week or so I heard about enough garbage about Christine O'Donnell.

Bill Maher, who is a butt clown from the get go, remarked “that Christine O’Donnell didn’t belong in Congress.”

I say, “And you think Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi belong in Congress?”

O’Donnell’s opponent is an avowed Marxist named, Chris Coons, who Harry Reid (D-NV) describes “as his Pet”???

What? Hey, Harry,…what the hell is a Pet?

Locked into a race for the Deleware Senate seat and behind in the pools 53% - 42% (I don’t know where the other 5% is), Christine is in for a good hard fight for Delaware,….she doesn’t need some toe cheese eating flake like Bill Maher knocking her down.

And not only that, I heard another commentator say that Christine O’Donnell “doesn’t respect the media”,…….again, WHAT!

I tell you what,….please let Christine know when the media deserves respect.

And the latest is Wolf Blitzer from CNN (Communist News Network) bullying Christine around. Wolf - you're a loser and nobody likes you....that's why you're working for CNN.

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