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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kerry Defends Administration on Benghazi

As Congress held more hearings on Benghazi, the poster boy for all Pompous Ass Clowns, Senator John Kerry, presumably sucking up to Obama (in order to get the Sectretary of State position), but giving just enough criticism on the State Department, probably in order to make him look like an upgrade over Hilary Clinton, defended the Administration and saying that Congress shares some blame. Really!

I am not a Hiliary Clinton fan, but she has more capability in her big toe than Kerry ever or will have. 

Kerry, of Vietnam War Protestor fame, said Congress should have funded better security efforts.

Another Democratic Senator, who name I could not re-call, but whose intellect is wanting, even tried to defect the quest for the truth by blaming Mitt Romney for "unfairly" blaming Obama for the Benghazi mess.

The quest for the truth was not in play today, however if Romney blamed the Benghazi debacle on Obama, he did so in the context that Obama lied about the terrorist attacks, instead choosing to chalk it up to a riot of a anti-Mohammed video.

And lie about it Obama did. The motive, not apparent at first, was as simple as to supportuntil the elections were over, Obama's advertising that Al Qaeda was finished. It would not do for Al Qaeda Islamic Mahgreb (AQIM) to be given the blame for what they did to four Americans at the Banghazi consulate.  It would have questioned Obama's foreign policy creds in what people thought was a tight election.

What is also lost, besides holding Obama liable for lying, is the bigger sin in not responding to Americans pinned down by the terrorists. Unforgiveable. 

Also unanswered is the Obama lie about ordering a response, in which the execute order has never appeared - likely because there was none. And why are Americans miltary leaders getting removed left and right?

If there is some alturistic motive about lying to the American people, then lets hear it. But not responding, when we had the capability, to Americans taking fire and pinned down is pathetic and reprehensible.

And make no mistake about it, the Republicans are to blame for not getting to the facts over Benghazi. It makes it seen like all of Congress is a rich boys club pulling the wool over the People's eyes. 

The day after I posted the above, Obama comes out and nominates Kerry for Secretary of State - I told you so.  It was thanks for standing up and giving excuses for he Adminstration in the Benghazi hearings.  

Then Yahoo conducts an on-line poll with the question: Is John Kerry a strong choice for Secretary of State?  

With 112,957 voting:

Yes, he has what it takes: 45%
No, he's not the right pick:  55%

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