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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Solutions

$16 Trillion + in Federal Debt and Obama cries that he needs the debt spending limit eliminated and taxes raised on the job creators in order to repair the economy.  If he spent over $5 Trillion in four years with some controls over what he could do, imagine what Obama would do with the debt ceiling removed.

Obama believes that taxes must be raised and federal spending increased in order to repair the economy.  This is like saying a sharp stick in the eye will repair Glaucoma.  A recent national poll suggests that the majority of people believe like I do:

57% - saying "lets cut spending"
20% - saying "lets raise taxes" (on the rich mind you), and
18% - advocating both spending cuts and raising taxes.
the remaining 5% (Obama voters) couldn't find their ass with both hands.

Another separate poll shows us that 89% of the population wants spending cuts in the shadow of the looming Fiscal Cliff.

What we need to do is:

Cut oppressive environmental regulations.

Do not raise taxes on the job creators. Raising taxes on the "rich" or otherwise called the "investors" will drive capital out of this country. Excessive taxation on small business owners will cause these small businesses, which the American economy is built on, to back slide, reducing jobs and further decimating the revenue the Government hopes to gain.

Greatly reduce, or even better eliminate, Obamacare and their business killing mandates. We hear from one major company after another, that they are not only not expanding jobs due to the oppressive costs of Obamacare, they are downsizing as well. And in many cases these companies are planing on paying the federally mandated fine and letting the government pickup the costs for health care further burdening the federal deficit and overwhelming debt.

Open up energy exploration. Just exploiting our natural energy reserves from coal to natural gas to drilling for oil would have a huge impact on jobs as well as giving the oil producing nation's that we import oil from less money to finance the havoc they do.

Pass the Keystone Pipeline approval. Another 20,000 jobs plus another stream of oil,...and better for this oil to go to the U.S. than to China who stepped into the breach after Obama said no to this Canadian source of oil.

And finally do away with the "Death Tax". On January 1st, 2013, the Death Tax reverts back to where the Democrats want it, taxing small businesses, ranches and farms. This tax is paid on the total worth of assests of the estate of a deceased person at a rate of 55%, after an exemption of the first $1 million in value. For instance a corn farmer in Iowa dies leaving a total worth calculated on the acreage, machinery, buildings, even animals of $11 million dollars. After the $1 million exemption, the deceased's estate (or family) must pay the Federal Government $5.5 million in taxes within 90 days, causing the family to sell off about everything and taking that farm out of business. Ridicuolusly unfair,even criminal! away with the death tax!

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