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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unbelieveable News, Mid December Edition

Several things in the news struck me as unbelieveable.

Obama approval rises. Unbelieveable as the jobless rate climbs; as Obama in the shadow of the looimg fiscal cliff hasn't met face to face with Congress since November 16th and now has went on vaction through the end of December; as the federal debt climbs to well over $16 Trillion, and as Obama asked Congress to do away with the debt limit and let him spend on whatever he wants to spend it on.

Unbelieveable that Obama is spending $4 million of tax payer money for his vacation while people reside in New York and New Jersey without power or running water while FEMA sits idly by; and Obama renders his suport for unions fighting against the "right to work" legislation being pushed by more and more states. Why would anyone be against the right to work without paying union dues? Because the Unions want workers to be forced to pay union dues to work so they have a bigger war chest to put forth a political agenda to keep Obama and other socialist/communist in charge.

Unbelievable that a West Point Cadet quits West Point without incuring any pay back costs for his education nor required military service. Then he is allowed to run his stinking pie hole about how his "rights" were abused because West Point is a culture that promotes prayer and religious activities and "disrespects nonreligious cadets". Well here's a clue you ass clown of a human being, there are no non-religious people when people are shooting at you. And the main reason people are trying to kill us now days is because WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION, no matter what Preident Obama says.

Oh, by the way, the Cadet's name is Page, and he is being medically disqualified because of clinical depression and anxiety. He (Page the whiner) said his condition has gotten worse since his father killed himself last year. Page plans of living with his grandparents - probably drawing social security disability for emotional problems. I for one am glad as hell he did not get into a position to lead this country's best.

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