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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Michigan Democrat Threatens Violence over Right To Work Vote

Michigan Democrat Threatens Violence over Right To Work Vote following union violence. Michigan Democrat Representative Douglas Geiss committed some jackassery when he twitted that "there will be blood in the streets" after Michigan passed the Right to Work Law which re-affirmed the First Amendment of "free association". If this was a conservative law maker there would be a deafening cry from the lame stream media to hang this guy.

The offending tweet, from this ass twit, followed the union violence against conservative reporters and people in wheel chairs a couple days ago and reported on Fox Newsd by Steve Crowder who was assaulted by unions thugs.

The Union's and the Democrats put forth the argument that the Republican controlled Legislature rammed the Right To Work Law through without public debate or Democrat input. Whereas the facts are that the people of Michigan voted in conservative tea party representation in the historic 2010 election and in-coming representatives Patrick Colbeck and Mike Shirkey started working toward legislation to ban mandatory union membership and the obligatory union dues as a condition of employment in Michigan. They even got in front of unions to detail their plan.

The people of Michigan also elected a businessman for their Governor, Rick Synder, obviously hoping that his business insight and pro-business strategy could help Michigan reverse their economic downward spiral. The Michigan democrats and unions need to understand that the definition of insantiy ois doing the same things over and over again and hoping for a different outcome. Forcibly making workers join a union, stealing money for union dues from their paychecks and lying about Republicans is doing the same thing that has helped cause the Michigan economic situation to tank. Hopefully now business can re-consider moving to Michigan to stop the hemoragging economy.

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