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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unions Riot In Michigan

How can you have not heard about the State of Michigan passing the "Right to Work" law? And what exactly is "right to work", doesn't everyone have a right to work? No, not exactly,...many states require people that want to work in certain jobs join a union, and forcibly pay union dues despite the worker's problem with the union using that dues money for political pandering and campaigning exclusively on the behalf of the Socialist,..err.,,,,Democrat Party.

We see Obama on Television saying that Right to Work legislation will diminish workers rights? Oh yeah? How so? What he is really worried about is the diminishment of money flowing into Democrat campaigns.

Despite the fact that the Michigan unemployment rate is much higher than neighboring states and that business are either re-locating outside of Michigan or not considering moving to Michigan, Unions in their selfish interest are planning on protesting, stopping work, striking and starting a civil disobedience campaign in their anger.

Never mind that Governor Synder has said, many times, that he supports organizing and collective bargaining, he also supports allowing people the freedom of association, which by the way is a First Amendment right!

Well none of that matter to the United Auto Workers (UAW) yesterday which rioted against the Right To Work legislation. During the demonstration turned riot many of these UAW members attacked news people and conservative organizaton monitoring the riot, tearing tents down andassault eldery people, some of them in wheel chairs. Ah Ha! the riot shows it's true colors. And we also saw news reports of the Detroit City Council emploring Obama to "bring home the bacon". Apparently, from the mouth of a bacon backed, barely literate council member, they (meaning Detoit) helped Obama win re-election so now they want their payback.

But don't mention the fact that Detroit is a failed city with abandoned buildings and a fleeing population, because the Unions and Democrats will blame someone else. The Motor City has lost almost 250,000 people bringing the current population close to, or just under 700,000 which is the lowest figure since before World War I. With 80,000+ unoccupied houses or apartments, it is looking like a ghost town.

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  1. I don't see how giving people a choice of joining a union or not is taking away their freedom. if you ask me, that's opening up more options which means more freedom. Of course those greedy unions want power and money more than the benefit of society... as do the commies in Washington.