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Friday, October 26, 2012

Latest on the Benghazi Coverup

The Latest on the Benghazi Coverup It seems like with each new day, new facts are exposed on the depth of the Obama coverup for him and his Administrations failures following the terrorist attack on our consulate on Benghazi, Libya where our Ambassador and three embassy employees were killed.

Now with the release of several e-mails showing that in almost real time, Obama and his key leaders knew this was a terrorist attack. The reasons eluded us for a time. We knew that the terrorist attacks would undermine Obama's message that he has defeated Al Qaeda as well as require some U.S. response which would place Obama at odds with his radical Islamist buddies. But it still didn't make sense,...why risk the election on trying to portray this as a popular demonstration gone deadly following some stupid anti-Muslim videos.

Now further information has been exposed providing a much better reason for the attempted coverup. Because 1 - the Obama Adminstration was requested to approve an upgrade in security due to threat streams and that security aproval never happened being stymied at the White House, and 2 - Obama did nothing during the attacks when the possibility exists that the Ambassador and three Americans may have still been alive seven hours after the start of the attack.

Obama administration ass clowns Leon Panetta (DoD Secretary) and General Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) were called to help damage control after facts came out that the military had assets including Navy jets and helicopters, plus Special Operatons Troops within one hour or so from the Benghazi target area.

Obama is also reeling from another fact that a reconnaissance drone was overhead observing and providing live feeds of the entire attack.

The vision of cockroaches scrambling for cover has recently been re-newed with Panetta and Dempsey holding a joint conference where they put forth many diverse excuses for the lack f military response including: "The basic principle is that you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on,....without having some real-time information about what's taking place," Panetta said. Really!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You had real time e-mail reports and a dam drone over the consulate!!!

Then the final nail in the coffin of this administration, or what some commentators call misfeasance on a scale 1,000 times more than the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, that Secretary of State Clinton had requested an approval to upgrade security at the Libyan Facilities and that request went un-acted upon, or disapproved by the White House.

This should bring down the Administration. Due to the deaths of Americans and the Adminstration (Obama, Biden, Clinton and UN Rep Rice) lying about all steps before, during and after the terrorist attacks, there should be impreachment proceedings and resignations forthcoming right now!

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