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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The ObamaCare Survival Guide

Hopefully this point will become mute in November when Mitt Romney gets elected President,....but just in case we and this Country loses again, the Obamacare Survival Guide, written in simple language by award-winning journalist and health author Nick J. Tate, is available to help citizens and small business owners navigate the pitfalls and problems that will undoubtedly negatively impact your life.

The Tea Party Net published this primer on the Obamacare Survival Guide:  

Intentional Pitfall #1: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
ObamaCare essentially 'robs Peter to pay Paul'. How? Well, if you're a senior, you'll be fleeced by the $716 billion in Medicare cuts designed to substantially fund the ObamaCare plan over the next decade. As you'll read in the ObamaCare Survival Guide, the biggest Medicare spending cuts will come in two key areas you need to know about in order to protect yourself. And that's just the beginning…

Intentional Pitfall #2: Insurance Companies Free to Pass On Increased Costs 
Under the new ObamaCare mandates, insurance companies will have free rein to pass on their increased costs to you in the form of: • Higher premiums • Higher co-pays • Higher deductibles There are no specific price controls to keep the insurance industry in check. Even AARP, the powerful lobby representing American seniors, has already increased the health insurance premiums of its employees from 8 to 13%.  

Intentional Pitfall #3: Widespread Doctor Shortage Expected
While many Americans are unhappy with ObamaCare, doctors have been particularly angry. The earning potential of doctors is expected to dwindle due to lowered payment rates for Medicare, among other things. Up to 40% of physicians could retire or seek a non-clinical or even a non-medical job. And with 30 million more Americans on healthcare insurance plans, not only could there be a medical 'brain drain', but also long drives and long waits to see a doctor.  

Intentional Pitfall #4: Delayed Implementation and Hundreds of Unwritten Rules
Shockingly, many of the rules and regulations needed to make the new healthcare system function correctly haven't even been written yet. And as costs inevitably balloon higher than expected, benefits for consumers are likely to degrade significantly, particularly for seniors, the highest users of healthcare services.  

Intentional Pitfall #5: Unelected Government Officials Will Have Total Control to Make Decisions about Your Healthcare
"Healthcare commissars" who don't have to worry about being elected by the American people will have undemocratic, totalitarian powers to cut Medicare spending and make decisions on your behalf as a so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board. And this is just the tip of the iceberg…....

Click on this link to see the Obamacare Survival Guide offer.

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