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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Senator Feinstein Calls for High Gas Price Investigation

Senator Diane Feinstein, D-CA, is calling for an investigation as California gas prices hit record highs. Feinstein called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate, saying residents need to be protected from "malicious trading schemes" and "speculators".

Hey Senator, get a clue. Your investigation should be on all the new regulatory obstacles that the Obama Administration has put in place to diminsh not only our ability to harvest and exploit our natural energy reserves, but the national security risks we encumber not doing so.

Why has permits for energy exploration and harvesting on Federal lands been reduced over the past four years? Why is the Obama Administration in contempt of court for not allowing off shore drilling in the Gulf? Why has Obama given $90 Billion tax payers bucks to alternative energy firms, all of which have gone bankrupt, and all of which are owned or have primary investors who are also Obama campaign contributors?  Why has Obama given tax payer money for off shore drilling in South America for companies with links to George Soros?

Worst of all, Obama brags about an increase in drilling permits when the increase is in drilling on private lands despite his Administration's efforts to shut this down. Yes Senator Feinstein, lets get an investigation on high gas prices going, but's let investigate the right cause of it.

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