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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Religion in Politics

As reported on The Blaze, The Reverend Billy Graham launched a nationwide campaign with a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal.

The ad (depicted to the left) shows Reverend Graham with the text "Vote Biblical Values". The ad advocates voters to leave behind a “legacy” for the future by casting “ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles.”

Graham, not known to previously get involved in politics has involved himself in efforts to defend traditional marriage, supporting a North Carolina’s Amendment that successfully added an amendment to the state’s constitution banning gay marriage.

While we support the ban on the use of the word "marriage" for gay partnerships, thinking that a "civil union" would esentially reflect the same rights, the issue of gay marriage isn't our primary, line in the sand issue because if this country's economy tanks,....if the rest of the World continues to test us because of our non-engaged foreign policy,....if the rest of the world cuts off our oil supply because this Adminstration fails to allow for exploiting our resources, short,.... if Barack Obama is elected again, then it won't matter what they call it whens Gay's and the like do whatever they do,....we won't have much a country left to matter, and people in food lines will care less.

He just may well see that the people supporting gay marraige re the same onws who support large fedral government, deficit spending, appeasment of Islamic extremists, proponents of unions and corruption, and, the ones trying to tear God out of our life.  From the liberals mistaken concepts of separation of Church and State, to Obama declaring this is not a Christian Nation.  We are under attack from all angles.  Billy Grahma gets it.  

We appreciate a man of Reverent Graham's character realizing this election is the most important one in history and glad he sees the need to get politically involved. God Bless You, Reverend Billy Graham.

As a bonus watch the video of Congressman Paul Ryan explaining why Religious freedom is our first freedom.

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