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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Political Conversation with a Young Woman

I was listening to Mark Levin last night when he admonished everyone to get out and talk to people about what is at stake in this years Presidential election. So he gave me the idea to recount a conversation I had with a 29 year old young lady. The conservation started about the argument to legalize drugs or NOT!,....the Tea Party,.....illegal immigration,.....and then into alternative fuels, where I pick up the conversation.....

Me: "You're right, we need to be able to use waste products to create bio fuels. I fully support research into that."

Young Lady: "Yeah but, the technology is current. Lots of people make biofuels now for diesel vehicles."

Me: "You are correct, but the production costs are so high to manufacture bio fuels is that conventional petroleum products are infinently cheaper."

Young Lady: "Well at least you can say that Obama is on the right track developing solar and wind power so we don't have to pollute so much."

Me: "Obama hasn't done anything except give away tax payers money to solar firms that have all failed, and failed to pay back the government, again tax payers, money."

Young Lady: "Well, Obama is also drilling more oil, so I guess he is hedging his bets. I heard or read that under his leadership there is more drilling than ever before."

Me: "First of all, leadership is a contradiction in terms when used in the same sentance with Obama unless you also use an adjective such as failed. Secondly there is more drilling being done, but all on private lands despite Obama's efforts and efforts of his Justice Dept and the EPA to keep these drills from being struck. Thirdly, there is much less oil drilling on public lands and waters than every before since Obama through up EPA road blocks to drilling. Plus the price of gasoline is twice as high now than it was under Bush. That's energy progress?"

Young Lady: "If this is true, then how come I haven't read about this or see this on the news?"

Me: "Well,......try this experiment. Listen to CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and NBC objectively and see how many pro Obama and pro-Romney and how many anti-Obama and anti- Romney articles or news segments there are. I think a rational person will conclude that all these legacy news sources will be decidely slanted towards projecting favorable coverage of Obama and un-favorable coverage of Romney.

Young Lady: "How is the average person supposed to know what is truth or not?"

Me: [What I wanted to say: "If Obama's or a liberal's lips are moving - they are lying"]....what I did say: "It is up to you to become an educated voter. You have an obligation to vote and you have an implied obligation to be educated before you vote."

Young Lady: "Yeah, you're right. I need to be informed on the issues. How do I go about doing that?"

Me: "I look at all different sources. I suspect the sources that use judgemental verbiage as opposed to just reporting on the news. I am also a conservative and identify myself with the tea party so some of the news sources I follow may not be as diverse as you would like. Fox News, hands down, is the most objective. Do not confuse their commentators such as Hannity with objective reporting. While I feel Hannity tells the truth, he is a conservative commentator.

Young Lady: "Well, I just don't want to watch nothing but people tearing Obama down."

Me: "Fair enough,...but can you give me one,....just one thing that Obama has done to make this Country better other than become the first black President and therefore seemingly overcoming the racial ceiling?"

Young Lady: "Passing Obamacare has to his premier accomplishment."

Me: "Bear with me a minute,.....I am going to ask a couple of questions then give you the answer.......When the Obamacare bill was finished and went before Congress was it published on the internet for 48 hours so the public could read and provide comment? and Who actually passed Obamacare"?

Me: "The Obamacare bill was passed by a Committe missing any Republican representation. The Democrats shut the Republicans out of the process. Then sent the bill to Congress for a vote. The republicans asked to read the 2,700+ page bill before they voted. The Democrats would not allow it and demanded an immediate vote. This is where Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the House, declared that 'we must pass the bill to find out what is in it'. The Democrats had a majority in both houses,...passed the bill, then sent it to the President for signature. The rest is unconstitutional history."

Young Lady: "Well, I don't know that to be a fact."

Me: "You have to educate yourself,......continue to bear with me a minute,.....Does Obama say that Romney is going to destroy Medicare for Seniors?"

Young Lady: "Yes".

Me: "Romney and Ryan declare they will leave Medicare alone for seniors and those 55 years and older, but need to fix Medicare because it is going broke. Did you know that Obama took out over $700 Billion dollars from Medicare to fund care for welfare recipitants and illegal aliens under Obamacare?"

Young Lady: "No. I haven't heard that."

Me: "Well, I guess you have some work to do".

I said goodbyes and left. This young lady talked to wife afterwards and said "your husband gave me a lot to think about. It seems that the truth is hard to find."

My wife replied " Indeed it is.........if you're a Liberal"

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