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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama's Failed Energy Agenda

Failed energy agenda. A123 the latest in a long line of alternative energy companies gone bankrupt with tax payer money. When is Obama going to not only quit picking winners and losers and using our money to do so, but to quit picking just the losers? A123 received a total in $374 million in tax payer funded grants and credits and another $529 million for Fisker Automotive to make cars for A123 batteries for a total of $901 million,..can you believe it!

Obama likes to say that drilling is at an all time time in this country. And his latest excuse on why gasoline prices are high, twice as high now as they were when he took office, Obama say's the "failed Bush economy" that he inherited artificially drove gas prices down.

Here are the facts: With a "green" agenda burdening the American people, conventional fuel producers, namely coal and oil (gas) have incurred more costs now than ever before. There are more drilling operations on-going now than four years ago, but the increase is on private lands which the Obama administration has tried to shut down or over regulate. Drilling on federal lands including off shore is down 14%. Let's say that again,...down 14%.

SO basically you have a President saying one thing and doing another, with the exception that Obama did say he was going to shut down the coal industry......actually he intends on "bankrupting the coal industry". If you live in a coal mining state, then voting for Obama is just plain un-comprehensible.

We have said this before,...not only is this an economic issue, this is a national security issue letting foreign countries and notably some of our enemies control the export of oil to this country.

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