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Monday, October 8, 2012

Obama's Biggest Mistake

President Obama, while pandering,..err,...while campaigning to the Hispanic vote on Univision said that his biggest mistake was not getting immigration reform passed during his first four years in office.

Really? He did not even float an immigration reform plan, unlike George Bush who presented a plan but was rebuffed by Congress. His biggest mistake was not getting immigration reform passed?

In the shadow of high unemployment, manufacturing jobs leaving the United States,.....decreasing quality of life for all Americans,....decreasing value of the dollar,....increasing fuel and food prices,.....welfare rolls and numbers of Americans on poverty increasing,........ and this clown say's his biggest mistake was not passing immigration reform?

When pressed on breaking his previous promise to Hispanics to get immigration reform (read "open borders") passed, Obama could not even take individual responsibility for the obvious broken promise, saying "He was "naive" and was road blocked by the Republicans." Really? When you had overwhelming control of both the House and the Senate for the first two years?

And another thing is most of the people watching the video only have eyes and ears for Obama saying something about changing Government from the outside,...oh yeah, that's another promise. Here's part of that Univision interview,..listen closely for the "My Biggest mistake was not enacting Immigration reform."

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